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Why Only Wake County?

Every day we get calls for defendants with tickets/charges in counties that are not Wake. And every day we have to tell them that we, unfortunately, do not take traffic or criminal cases outside of Wake County. For the first time in a long time, a caller asked us “Why?”. That’s actually a really good question, so here’s the answer:

Each County is Different

Attorney Matheson decided early on in his career that, to better serve his clients, he would limit his practice to just Criminal Defense and just Wake County. Here’s how this benefits his clients:

The laws in every county are the same in North Carolina, but how each county handles those charges is different. The very serious charges are typically handled the same. We’re talking high level felonies that if convicted, will land you in prison for a very long time.

But let’s discuss the ones that most people are calling about; traffic offenses, misdemeanors, and low-level felonies. Each county has their own way of handling these charges. While Mecklenburg County may allow you to get an Improper Equipment when you were going 22mph over the speed limit, Wake County does not! Since we only handle traffic and criminal charges in Wake County, we know these things. Attorney Matheson knows what to expect in court and what options are available to his clients for specific charges. Of course, there are exceptions and sometimes things change.

How Does This Benefit Me?

By practicing exclusively in Wake County, Attorney Matheson has gotten to know the DAs and Judges very well. He knows what they will and will not do for charges as well as what may be required for a dismissal or reduction of a charge. Attorney Matheson is in the Wake County courthouse daily, most of the time twice a day for court. This kind of exposure to the policies and procedures of this particular courthouse and the DA’s office benefits Attorney Matheson’s clients in many different ways

Another benefit is the fact that by limiting his practice to only Wake County, Attorney Matheson is never in a different county while his clients wait for him in court. Attorney Matheson gets to court when it opens, both the 9:00 am session and 2:00 pm session as well as disposition, misdemeanor appeals, and felony court.

Do you have a charge in Wake County? Are you looking to get the best outcome possible? Give Matheson & Associates a call to see what options are available to you! 919-335-5291

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