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Don’t Get Trademark Scammed!

Recently, our firm received what appeared to be a “contract” or “bill” for services for which we had not solicited. The company, called Intellectual Property Services, which is based out of the Czech Republic sent a “contract” demanding payment of $2,356 as a “registration fee” for one of our registered trademarks. The “contract” included information […]

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Refining Your Business Plan

Small Business Guide: Refining Your Business Plan.   Many people need to modify their business plan to suit their audience for which the plan is written. Below are some examples for intended audiences:   Raising Funds from Outside Parties: If your business plan is for bankersinclude: Amount of loan How the funds will be used […]

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Is Incontestability Contestable?

Trademark Series: Part 2 In Part 1 of our trademark blog series (click here), we discussed the status of incontestability in trademark law. Incontestability seems like a sure thing- the registrant has exclusive right to use the registered mark in commerce. But, with all things legal, there are exceptions. Many people hear the word “incontestable” […]

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Your trademark is finally federally registered. Now what?

Part I: Trademark Incontestability After federally registering your trademark you might think that you’re done dealing with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), but, unfortunately, think again. You still have one more deadline to abide by if you want to permanently strengthen your registered rights. As the proud owner of a federally trademarked […]

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7 steps to determine whether or not your logo, brand name, or idea is already being used

Steps: Go to Google.com and type in your logo,brand name, or idea and the word or any of a dozen or so other words that could describe your idea as it relates to your industry. Find it? You’re probably done. Go to Step 4. Didn’t find it? Try again. Vary the search terms and words, […]

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