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Refining Your Business Plan

Small Business Guide: Refining Your Business Plan.   Many people need to modify their business plan to suit their audience for which the plan is written. Below are some examples for intended audiences:   Raising Funds from Outside Parties: If your business plan is for bankersinclude: Amount of loan How the funds will be used […]

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4 Essential Elements for Management and Organization in Your Business Operational Plan

4 Elements to include in your Business Operational Plan: Management and organization Who is going to manage the business? Include professional and advisory support positions, such as board of directors, attorney, accountant, insurance agent, banker, bookkeeper, mentors, key advisors, etc. How much money will be contributed by each investor What ownership percentage will each investor […]

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Limited Liability Company (LLC) laws regarding formation

  Now that you have decided on a name for your NC Limited Liability Company (LLC), you need to file the appropriate paperwork with the NC Secretary of State to become legal.   Part 2 To read Part 1, click here   *If you are a foreign limited liability company that wants to conduct business […]

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Immigration Law for the Small Business Owner – Part 2

Immigration for the Business Owner – Part 2 So, I spent the last installment of this blog talking about the different terms, kinds, and nuances in immigration, at least at a high level. I did that so I could write this blog post – talking about what and why certain things are important to small […]

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Immigration Basics for the Small Business Owner – Pt 1

Immigration for the Business Owner – Part 1 I had a question come up recently from a client, and I had to learn a lot more about immigration law than I had ever intended. I thought I’d try and share what I learned as a sort of primer for businesses to think about when addressing […]

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