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Costs of a NC Driving While Impaired Charge

So, recently I was having a discussion with a client about the Costs of a NC Driving While Impaired charge costs a driver.  I decided to blog about it so that those that were interested in the overall costs of a DWI, they would have this as a resource.  Although my practice consists of handling […]

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M. Moseley Matheson – Why You Should Consider Hiring Private Counsel To Represent Your Case

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Ignition Interlock

Ignition Interlock is required by NC Law for drivers convicted of DWI type offenses with a 0.15 or higher BAC or with a prior DWI type conviction to only ignition interlock equipped vehicles.  In order to obtain driving privileges in the event of a DWI conviction, proof of installation may be required.  Ignition Interlock is […]

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Driving While Impaired – Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions

WCJC Court Closure

Do I need an attorney? Most likely, yes.  Though you have the right to represent yourself in court, a DWI charge is very complicated and building a defense requires a solid understanding of what requirements the State must meet in order to introduce the evidence they have against you. Will a conviction of Driving While […]

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Should you hire a lawyer for your traffic ticket?

Wake County Justice Center

Should I just pay off my traffic ticket? Can my ticket get reduced? Will this affect my insurance costs? In a law practice that handles Wake County traffic tickets on a daily basis, these are the top three questions we hear from potential clients. And the answer is very simple: it depends! With traffic violations […]

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