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NC Speeding to Elude Law Explained                     

So, today’s blog is to go through and explain how North Carolina handles Speeding to Elude charges. There have been a rash of these type of cases lately, and some fatalities as a result of individuals attempting to elude police.  Obviously, our recommendation is never to run from police who are effectuating a legal traffic stop.  […]

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What to do if you’re going to Wake County (NC) District Court

Every day I’m in court, I see people struggling with not knowing what to do, where to go, or what to say. Even the attorneys. As a new attorney, I was fortunate enough to have a friend to show me around and give me the do’s/don’ts. Here’s a quick (ha!) guide to some of the […]

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North Carolina Criminal Law | Understanding the Importance of YOUR Court Date

Back again to posting about my experience as a Raleigh DWI Lawyer and Raleigh Criminal Attorney. Today I found myself in a familiar, if not uncomfortable position. I was in court this A.M. for a court-appointed client. I waited one and a half hours for him to arrive, which he never did.

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North Carolina District Court | The District Attorney’s Role in Court

Today’s Raleigh DWI Attorney blog is going to deal with the roll of the Assistant District Attorneys in the prosecution of Criminal Defendants.  Though today’s Raleigh DWI Attorney blog deals in the area of Driving While Intoxicated, this blog applies to all criminal prosecution; including traffic. First, don’t think this blog will be used to […]

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North Carolina Criminal Court | Understanding ‘Calendar Call’

So, slightly off-topic, but I thought today’s blog would do well to explain exactly what ‘Calender Call’ is as it relates to North Carolina District Courts.  As a Durham Criminal Attorney and Raleigh Criminal Attorney I have seen a lot of confusion in the courtroom from the public when it comes time for calender call.  […]

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