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North Carolina Field Sobriety Test | One-Legged Stand

So, this will be an overview of North Carolina DWI Field Sobriety Tests.  The three main Field Sobriety Tests used by police officers  are the One-Legged Stand, the Walk-and-Turn, and the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus test.  Today’s Raleigh DWI Attorney Blog will deal with the One-Legged Stand.  As a Raleigh DWI Attorney or DWI Attorney Raleigh, […]

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North Carolina Traffic Law | ‘Run and You’re Done” Law Explained

A new North Carolina Traffic Law, the “Run and You’re Done” bill, has been approved and is ready to be fought out in court by Raleigh Traffic Attorneys.  This bill was signed by Governor Perdue June 23, 2011 (the same time as “Laura’s Law”).  This law, which will go into effect December 1, 2011, is […]

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North Carolina Criminal Law | NY Times Stop-and-Frisk Article

So, not exactly dealing with what the Raleigh DWI Attorney blog normally deals with, this Raleigh DWI Attorney blog entry is dealing with a police stop called the “Stop-and-Frisk.”  The NY Times Article that peaked my interest can be found here. The Stop-and-Frisk is a means by which an officer can stop

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North Carolina DWI Law | “Laura’s Law” and What it Means for DWI Defendants

Recent news in the world of Raleigh DWI law from the perspective of a Raleigh DWI Attorney.  The North Carolina Legislation passed a new law referred to as “Laura’s Law”.   This law, officially called House Bill 49, was signed into existence by Governor Purdue on June 23, 2011.  Created to add a greater degree […]

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North Carolina Criminal Law | First Blog Post

I am an attorney in North Carolina who handles Raleigh Criminal Defense and Durham Criminal Defense.  In addition to Raleigh Criminal Defense, I also am a Raleigh Traffic Attorney, with a special focus on handling Raleigh DWI charges and Durham DWI charges. This blog is to serve as a way to keep my clients, as […]

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