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Appreciable Impairment     

Today’s blog will attempt to explain the significance of ‘Appreciable Impairment’ as it pertains to North Carolina’s DWI Law.  DWI’s are the most litigated crime in North Carolina, and there are many different facets that create challenges for both the State and the Defense.  However, when dealing with Appreciable Impairment, it’s hard to understate how […]

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North Carolina DWI Law | Understanding ‘Laura’s Law’

Since this is a blog about North Carolina DWI Defense, written by a Raleigh DWI Attorney it would only make sense that I review North Carolina’s Sentencing Structure. This is additionally important because, as of yesterday, North Carolina DWI Sentencing Structure has changed. I have previously written about Laura’s Law which not only adds a […]

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North Carolina DWI Law | “Laura’s Law” and What it Means for DWI Defendants

Recent news in the world of Raleigh DWI law from the perspective of a Raleigh DWI Attorney.  The North Carolina Legislation passed a new law referred to as “Laura’s Law”.   This law, officially called House Bill 49, was signed into existence by Governor Purdue on June 23, 2011.  Created to add a greater degree […]

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