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What if Aretha Franklin Died in NC?

Unfortunately, on August 16, 2018, Aretha Franklin passed away from advanced pancreatic cancer.   Ms. Franklin was a very well known musical artist that is currently rumored to have had a lucrative estate.  At this time, it is being estimated that the value of her estate is approximately $80 million dollars.  Instinctively you would think that […]

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Social Media and Family Law Matters

The North Carolina State Bar has promulgated a new Ethics Opinion which states: A lawyer must advise a client about information on social media and family law matters if information and postings on social media are relevant and material to the client’s representation. The lawyer may advise the client to remove information on social media if […]

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Domestic Violence: I’m the Defendant, What do I do?

(Domestic Violence from the Defendant’s perspective is premised on the North Carolina General Statutes 50B1- 50B9) In our last article, I discussed the importance of pursuing a domestic violence action against a person if you are the victim, but what happens if you are the defendant? What happens when the complaint does not accurately reflect what […]

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What is alienation of affection?

ALIENATION OF AFFECTION is one of the most difficult discussions to have, is with a Client who has recently discovered the pain and betrayal that comes with adultery. There is nothing like discovering with certainty that your spouse has had or is having an affair. There is no legal remedy that can take away the […]

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