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First, what is emancipation?  Emancipation is the process by which a court determines that you meet the statutory requirements to become a “legal” adult before the ordinary age of majority.   What is the age of majority and what does that mean for you?  The age of majority is 18.  When you turn 18 you […]

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MEDICAL DECISIONS & COVID – 19 “Coronavirus”

Frequently Asked Question How do I appoint somebody to make medical decisions on my behalf if I am incapacitated by COVID – 19? The document you need to execute is called a Health Care Power of Attorney (HCPOA).  This document appoints an agent of your choosing to make medical decisions on your behalf should you […]

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Divorce and Retirement Funds

What is a QDRO and do you need one if you’re going through a separation? In North Carolina you must be physically separated from your spouse for 1 year.  Within that year of separation it is common for the parties to file for equitable distribution, among other things.  One or both of the party’s retirement […]

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Premarital Agreement – Why should I get one? (Otherwise known as Prenuptial Agreements or prenups)

A common question I get is “why do I need a premarital agreement? Isn’t that just me telling my partner that I already don’t trust that this marriage is going to work from the start?” No. People often think that premarital agreements only deal with what happens to your property after separation. While it does […]

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