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Ways to Start a Business, Enter into a Business, or Buy a Franchise

Buying an Existing Business Always evaluate the business by reviewing its history and its operations. Learn the business’s marketing strategies, how it generates its sales, acquiring customers, and an understanding of its finances. Some items needed from the existing business: Financial statements Tax returns Copies of leases and deeds Debt and loan repayment schedule Inventory […]

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Refining Your Business Plan

Small Business Guide: Refining Your Business Plan.   Many people need to modify their business plan to suit their audience for which the plan is written. Below are some examples for intended audiences:   Raising Funds from Outside Parties: If your business plan is for bankersinclude: Amount of loan How the funds will be used […]

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Employee or Independent Contractor?

  In this (brief) post, I won’t go into why you might want to designate someone an “independent contractor” as opposed to an “employee,” but rather what you have to do to make that designation stick. Often, businesses want to avoid generating an employer-employee relationship and would prefer to have an Independent Contractor perform certain […]

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Unpaid Interns – It’s a Buyer’s Market, Right?

Many growing companies and businesses want an intern. Especially if, by intern, you mean “slave labor.” Unfortunately, this isn’t always a good idea. And, in certain situations, can turn into a nightmare. The Slippery Slope The economy is not that great. It’s better than a few years ago, but that THAT much better. So many […]

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