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Court Closure FAQ

WCJC Court Closure

In this current situation there are many questions about court closures and what to do. We are here to answer those questions. Below you will find the most commonly asked questions we have received. If you have a question that isn’t answered below, please contact our office! We are happy to help during this scary […]

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When do I start having the Right to Remain Silent?

The Cold, Hard, Facts Mr. Matheson had driven his car into a ditch. It was raining pretty heavily, so Officers Kuga and Wacenske approached the vehicle, and took him underneath the awning of a nearby building to speak with him about the incident. Mr. Matheson mentioned that due to the heavy rain, he was unable […]

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How do I get a Limited Driving Privilege after being charged with a DWI?

So let’s just say you were charged with a DWI and now you’re license is revoked and you need to obtain a limited driving privilege, or an “LDP.”  When the officer charged you with a DWI you had to forfeit your license.  You usually lose your license for 30 days.  However, after 10 days you […]

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