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Illegal Fireworks


Happy Birthday, America! Our nation’s birthday, along with New Years, is when the sale of fireworks skyrocket (pun intended!).  Now most people will just head to one of those parking lot stands and buy some sparklers and be happy. They may also head out and watch the fireworks at the NC State Fairgrounds. Great! Always […]

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Officer, are you sure that’s Marijuana?

Hemp is a not-so-distant cousin to Marijuana, and one that has been made legal in North Carolina markets. With its ever-expanding product line including –but not limited to –hemp infused chocolate, honey, plants and even dog treats, it has become common amongst young adults. The only true aspect that separates Hemp and its illegal counterpart, […]

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Is it possible to receive a NC DWI even if my vehicle engine wasn’t running?

We previously represented a client who was charged with an NC DWI even though her car wasn’t in motion when the police officers first arrived at the scene.  In fact, she was asleep in the driver’s seat when the police officers first made contact with her.  So riddle me this, if a person who has […]

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