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I Missed My Court Date…Now What?


“What happens if I miss my court date?”  We get this question all the time. It is part of our practice at Matheson & Associates to communicate regularly with our clients and alert them whether their attendance is required at their court setting. This requirement varies depending on the nature of charge, specifics of the […]

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Se escucha todo el tiempo en novelas de abogados en la televisión. Después de una hora desgarradora de morderse las uñas, los espectadores dejan escapar un suspiro de alivio cuando el abogado sale y dice “caso cerrado”. Sin embargo, Reaccionarían de la misma manera si el abogado dijera: “el caso ha sido desestimado voluntariamente con […]

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Probable Cause for Arrest


Most of the cases we handle for Driving While Impaired deals with the issue of whether or not the police officer had probable cause for arrest. When evaluating cases dealing with probable cause for arrest it’s important to understand that an arrest is only constitutionally valid when the police officer has probable cause in order […]

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North Carolina District Court | The District Attorney’s Role in Court

Today’s Raleigh DWI Attorney blog is going to deal with the roll of the Assistant District Attorneys in the prosecution of Criminal Defendants.  Though today’s Raleigh DWI Attorney blog deals in the area of Driving While Intoxicated, this blog applies to all criminal prosecution; including traffic. First, don’t think this blog will be used to […]

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North Carolina Criminal Court | Understanding ‘Calendar Call’

So, slightly off-topic, but I thought today’s blog would do well to explain exactly what ‘Calender Call’ is as it relates to North Carolina District Courts.  As a Durham Criminal Attorney and Raleigh Criminal Attorney I have seen a lot of confusion in the courtroom from the public when it comes time for calender call.  […]

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