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Well, it’s been a while since I posted, but thought it was necessary to get back on here and add some new insight to the world of serving as a Raleigh DWI Attorney. Recently, there’s been an increase in police activities on the roads of Wake County. Mainly, I have seen more and more Wake County DWI checkpoints and license checkpoints in place. These checkpoints are an easy way for the State to try and catch those who could be violating the laws of North Carolina. What many driver’s do not realize is what rights they have with regards to these checkpoints or any other traffic stop.

First, the general public needs to understand that your participation with MOST of these stops is voluntary, and your compliance could hamper your Apex DWI Attorneys efforts to avoid a conviction. Under our laws, you are required to stop, produce your license and registration and that is it. If the Police Office asks you to exit the vehicle, you do have to comply as it could be for safety reasons. Beyond those few things, you are not required to answer questions, consent to a search, attempt standardized field sobriety tests or submit to a preliminary breath test. Now, it’s important to note at this point that the breath test performed AFTER a driver has been arrested, the one performed on an Intoxilzyer, is voluntary, but does come with consequences should you refuse, so decide carefully whether you want to refuse. However, beyond that, the walk and turn test, one legged stand test, the finger dexterity test, eye test, counting, alphabet, etc. are all voluntary. And the fact that this is voluntary is true whether it’s a regular traffic stop or a check point. As a Raleigh DWI Lawyer, I always find it interesting to learn what the Police Officer’s stated to my client to convince them to perform the tests. In most cases, the verbiage they use ‘implies’ that it’s required and not voluntary. Statements like “I’m going to have you perform some tests” or “I need you to blow into this device.” My favorite was a client who was told by an officer that he was probably going to let him go, but he needed my client to perform some tests just to be sure. Understand that Police Officers are not required to be honest with you. There is no law on the books that says police must always tell the truth to a Defendant they are investigating. The biggest mistake that the general public make when dealing with the police is thinking that you are smarter then the police and that you will not be outwitted by them. The reality is, this is their profession, they know all the best moves to try and get the evidence they need in order to arrest and ultimately convict you.

Another thing that has popped up across the Wake County area is more attempts to catch drivers speeding, texting, driving without a seatbelt, etc. Again, I was amazed at some of the creativity I have seen. Recently, on Highway 55 in Holly Springs, I have seen Police Officers set up on the overpass of 540 where they were using a radar to track the speed of the Defendant and radioing to other Police ahead on 55 to report who needs to be pulled over. Additionally, I saw Police set up around construction on 55 where traffic was narrowed from 4 lanes down to 2. This caused driver’s to slow down, providing police enough opportunity to look into cars and see if the Driver had their seat belt on, or if they were texting. Certainly these type of tactics lead to many Driver’s having to seek out a Wake County Traffic Attorney. All of this activity has resulted in an influx of Wake County residents contacting local attorneys looking for legal assistance. It’s important to remember while out on the road, that the Police are always out there looking to catch driver’s violating the law, so be careful.

If you do end up receiving a ticket or are arrested for a dwi, contact the Matheson Law Office. We have proudly served as the Raleigh DWI Lawyer for and traffic lawyer for hundreds of clients. We provide a free consultation when you call where you will speak directly with an attorney. Call us at 919-335-5291.

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