A trust can be an important estate planning tool. It allows you to transfer ownership of your property to a trustee. The trustee will gain management of the property. This can benefit you and others, greatly. Picking a trustee is a serious decision and shouldn’t be made lightly. Creating a trust and writing a trust document should be treated just as seriously. Not having the proper legalized trust document can result in costly issues for others, once you are gone. Be sure to consult our estate planning attorneys to ensure your trust and trustee are taken care of in a proper, legal way.

Special Needs Trust

When a loved one has a physical or mental disability, it’s important to plan for his or her future. If the person relies on you for guidance and support, you can take steps now to make sure his or her needs are met once you are no longer around. By planning ahead, you’ll not only help put your mind at ease; you’ll help your loved one well into the future.

Pet Trusts

A pet trust designates someone who is willing to care for the pet if the owner dies or is unable to continue caring for the pet. You may wish to provide a secondary beneficiary in case the primary beneficiary is unable to care for your pet. A pet trust provides the necessary funds to care for the animal. Instructions about care, including diet, veterinary care, grooming and other issues, should be provided in the pet trust. The trust will be supervised by a trustee who will distribute the funds and make sure the trust instructions are followed.