A power of attorney is a document that consents someone else to make decisions on your behalf. The document will outline what powers a person has and when he or she can exercise that power. It’s an important document that will allow someone you trust to make key decisions about matters in your life.

Healthcare Power of Attorney

A healthcare power of attorney designates someone you trust to handle your health care decisions. This document is related to a health care directive and is an important part of planning for your own care. Don’t leave your well-being up to chance. Plan ahead with a power of attorney and a health care directive to make sure you get the care you need when you need it.

Financial Power of Attorney

A financial power of attorney allows someone to make decisions about your assets and investments. This power of attorney will allow someone else to handle your financial matters when you are unable or unwilling to do so. You can limit the scope of this power when you set the document up.

Minor or Childcare Power of Attorney

Minor or Childcare Power of Attorney is a person who is permitted by a child’s parent or legal guardian to make choices for the child on their behalf. The power of attorney form can be limited to certain decisions in one specific area, or it can cover a wider range of issues. A minor power of attorney is generally called an “agent” or an “attorney-in-fact.”

Durable Power of Attorney

A durable power simply means that a person will continue to have the power of attorney even when you’re not able to communicate. A lawyer can help you determine what types of powers of attorney you may need.