Post-Separation Support and Alimony

What happens if you want to separate from your spouse but you don’t have enough money to make it on your own? What happens if you want to separate from your spouse but you are worried you may have to pay your spouse separation support or alimony but the reason you feel you need to separate is because of their marital misconduct or you found out about their paramour? Well this is where the statutes for post-separation support and alimony come into effect. These statutes contain the factors and the grounds for a party to file for these claims, grounds to contest these claims, and how to terminate these claims. However, always remember that if you are planning on going through a divorce, then you need to bring these claims before your divorce is finalized or you will lose the right to claim them forever. These claims do not need to be decided prior to the divorce, but there needs to be an action pending before the final divorce decree or you will lose the opportunity to bring them against your spouse forever.

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