Everyone’s marriage is different. It’s not wrong to want some additional security, some time apart, or just to get terms written down on paper. Marriage agreements fulfill these, and whether you’re just thinking about one or have ideas for what you’d like written, we’re here to help.

A marriage agreement, like many things in the practice of law, starts with negotiation. If you want a pre- or post-marriage agreement, make sure that both parties are aware and willing to agree to the terms being laid out. The last thing that you (and we) would want is for the marriage to start on a negative note. Upon request, you may speak with one of our lawyers about possible arrangements, but the general categories of agreements that we can draft include Pre-nuptial contracts (before marriage).

Pre-nuptial Agreement

A pre-nuptial agreement, which is created and signed prior to a wedding, delineates specific terms and conditions during a marriage. It describes expected behavior in the event of emergency, separation, or divorce. Commonly, pre-nuptial agreements will outline separation of assets, procedure in cases of infidelity or death, and distribution of debt. In simpler terms, this means that a pre-nuptial agreement can protect one partner from becoming liable for another’s debt, can safeguard from losing property or inheritance in case of divorce (or consolidation in case of death), or can restrict divorce settlements in case of infidelity.

To ensure that all of your wishes are included in the prenuptial agreement and that your agreement is in compliance with state law, it is best to speak with an attorney before you sign anything with the other party.