Anytime someone is facing the reality of filing for Bankruptcy protection, it is a scary and nerve-racking time in his or her lives. Creditors calling your home and work at all hours of the night, Repo Men coming by your house, Banks putting a hold on your bank accounts, liens, judgments; it’s just too much for someone to bear.

We know everyone has approached their credit obligations with the best of intentions. Normally an individual cannot make their payments due to unforeseen circumstances. Whether you have lost your job, incurred medical expenses, are simply got in over your head, we are here to help you.

During these difficult economic times, individuals and businesses often struggle with financial issues. Do you know your rights and protections when a creditor tries to collect on a debt? What’s the difference between a ‘Secured and Non-Secured Debt?’ What does “bankruptcy” really mean for me? Will I lose my home? My car? How does Bankruptcy affect my credit rating? Will I be able to get credit in the future?

Financial Experience that You Can Trust

We here at the Matheson Law Office take the protection of our Bankruptcy clients personally. One of our attorneys previously served as a Credit Lender and Debt Collector for a large Corporation; so we know what you are going through and how to protect. Though Bankruptcy is the main area of Financial Services Department, we regularly help clients with all manner of debt issues including:

  • Bankruptcy (including business bankruptcy)
  • Foreclosure defense
  • Debt settlement
  • Financial restructuring and reorganization

Our attorneys can help you understand your options and work through your debt settlement, bankruptcy, or other options to get your life or your business back on track.

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