North Carolina Traffic Tickets | Aren’t they all the Same?

There is a misconception that all of the common North Carolina traffic tickets are handled the same way in court and the expertise of a good Raleigh traffic attorney is not needed.

The truth is, there are many variables that go into how your particular traffic ticket will be handled. Below is a list of some of these considerations. This list is not comprehensive, but an overview of some of the ways a quality Raleigh traffic lawyer can help steer you through the North Carolina Traffic Court System.

  • What kind of violation was the ticket? (i.e. was it a moving violation or not?)
  • Was more then one violation cited in the ticket?
  • What county did the violation take place in? (i.e. what court will hear the case?)
  • Was anyone hurt as a result of the traffic violation?
  • What does your past driving record look like?
  • Have you are anyone in your household used a PJC?

These questions, along with others, will be asked when you call Attorney M. Moseley Matheson at 919-335-5291 for your FREE CONSULTATION. He will help you decide what is your best course of action. In most cases, you will not even have to appear in court.

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