North Carolina Traffic Tickets | Common Charges

North Carolina Traffic Tickets are the most common ‘crime’ handled in the North Carolina court systems. Every day, courthouses in North Carolina handle many, sometimes hundreds of traffic tickets (I should know, I was formally an Assistant District Attorney handling those tickets).

Tickets type of tickets are routinely handled by skilled Raleigh Traffic Attorneys and Durham Traffic Attorneys. In most cases, your attorney can have the charges dropped or reduced to minimize the effects the tickets will have on your license and your car insurance.

Below is a list of the more common charges seen in North Carolina Traffic Court where Apex Traffic Ticket Lawyer and Durham Traffic Ticket Lawyer M. Moseley Matheson can represent your legal rights.

  • Speeding
  • Seatbelt violation
  • No Operator’s License
  • Driving While License Revoked
  • Red Light/Stop Sign Violations
  • Driving After Consuming (for Defendant’s under 21)
  • Driving While Intoxicated (see separate DWI pages on this website)
  • Inspection/Registration violations
  • Unsafe Movement (usually associated with a traffic accident)
  • Child Seat Violations

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