Receiving a traffic citation can be, at the very least, frustrating. Make no mistake, North Carolina’s traffic citation laws are designed to punish you. Gone are the days when you could pay a simple $25 fine and be on your way. A simple traffic ticket can lead to:

  • Court costs of at least $180
  • A fine of $25 or more
  • Drivers License points – enough of these can cause you to lose your drivers license!
  • Insurance Points – even 1 point is a mandatory increase in your insurance rates!
  • In severe cases, traffic issues can mean high fines, steep increases in insurance costs ― and even the immediate loss of your drivers license.

Because of North Carolina’s traffic citation laws, you’re going to spend a couple hundred dollars on just a simple speeding ticket – even if you handle this yourself! Wouldn’t it be better to spend a little more and hire an attorney to make sure that it’s done right and that you get the best possible outcome?

Some common traffic offenses in North Carolina are:

  • Highway Racing
  • Hit & Run
  • DWI/Driving After Consuming
  • Speeding to Elude
  • Driving While License Revoked (both as a result of a DWI or not related to a DWI offense)
  • No Operator’s License
  • Careless and Reckless Driving
  • Passing a Stopped School Bus
  • Speeding (including Speeding in a School/Construction Zone)
  • Failure to Restrain Child in Child Restraint Seat
  • Failure to Move Over
  • Following Too Closely
  • Failure to Maintain Lane Control
  • Failure to Yield Right-of-Way
  • No Registration/Insurance
  • Stop Sign/Stop Light Violations
  • Seatbelt Violations

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