DWI & Traffic

Whether you are guilty or not, it feels scary and frustrating to be pulled over while driving. Sometimes, you are not sure what violation you may have committed. But once you find out and the stop is over, your next steps are crucial.

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Read on to find out specifically to learn more about a DWI or traffic citation.

Free Attorney Advice: Traffic Stop Tips

  • First, ease your vehicle over to a safe location as soon as is reasonably possible. Do not jerk the steering wheel or brake suddenly.
  • When the officer approaches your vehicle; BE POLITE. Remember, they are just doing their job.
  • While being polite, do not admit to anything. Statements made during your stop can be used against you. If you are asked incriminating questions, you could respond, “I respect what you do officer, but I respectfully refuse to answer any question.”
  • If the officer asks to search your vehicle, politely refuse. REMEMBER you are under NO obligation to consent to a search of your vehicle; however an officer may decide he or she has grounds to search your car without your consent, and in those cases, be polite and unobtrusive. Even though most people think they have nothing to hide, you should still refuse to give consent when asked. Think about all the times you have had someone else ride in your vehicle, or borrow your car, or left it unlocked, or even who had access to your car before you bought it.
  • Once the stop is completed, merge back into traffic safely without causing any disturbance (no kicking up gravel or peeling out).
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