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Well, it’s been a bit, but I am back to posting on the Raleigh DWI blog (hopefully a little more often then lately). I wanted to share with those that follow my blog about some sound advice that, for some reason, can sometimes fall on deaf ears.

Though I enjoy my practice as a Raleigh DWI Lawyer and Raleigh Criminal Lawyer, recently I have been attempting to take on more juvenile cases. This interest in helping the youth of our society has been something I have had an interest in since High School. Even back then, I volunteer as a Teach Assistant to a second grade class while I was a Junior in High School. I also volunteered as a ‘Big Brother’ to a young man in my community who was going through a tough time.

Not too long into my career as an Attorney, I decided that I wanted get back to giving back to our community by volunteering with youth focused programs. I actively participate with the Capital Area Teen Court Program as well as the North Carolina Bar Associations Lunch-with-a-Lawyer program. Through my participation with this program, I realized I could be doing more by trying to focus a part of my practice to representing juveniles and young adults facing their first offense.

Most of my cases stem from North Carolina Marijuana Possession, property crimes, and other minor misdemeanors. I make it a point to discuss with my clients the seriousness of their charges and what it is they could potential face if convicted, including what it will mean for the future.

In most cases, I can normally arrange my client to participate in some form of a first offender’s type program which can lead to the charges ultimately being dismissed against them. These potential dismissals should serve as a wake-up call to my young clients as to the ‘bullet’ they just dodged and I encourage them to stay on the right path (which is also a requirement while they are participating in these programs).

Recently, I had a client who hired me after being charged with Misdemeanor Possession of Marijuana and Misdemeanor Drug Paraphernalia. I had made arrangements for this client to participate in my beloved Teen Court, which would have led to having her charges dismissed. Three weeks after hiring me, I received a frantic call over the weekend. My client was not only arrested with more Marijuana, but the levels were such that she faced two Felonies and another Misdemeanor charge.

Obviously, my client was upset, as was her mother. Though my client now faced some serious consequences which could have serious ramifications on the rest of her future, I was able to get both felonies and the new misdemeanor dropped after discussing the case with the D.A. (there was some issues with the stop).

I guess this blog is just a reminder to those out there who may have caught a break and were able to get a sweetheart deal in criminal court to not mess up again as it is not nearly as easy to avoid new charges once you have gotten out of some before.

Good luck out there!

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