North Carolina Felonies

Like North Carolina Misdemeanors, North Carolina Felonies encompasses a large number of charges and sentencing ranges.  Unlike misdemeanors, a felony conviction carries with it more punishment then just higher times on probation/in jail.  Felony convictions will also result in the loss of certain rights that are enjoyed by the majority of the public; among them are the right to own a firearm (including ammunition), the right to vote and the right to run for office.

As for North Carolina Felony Sentencing, the range can run from just probation and community service all the way to life without parole and death.  A North Carolina Felony Charge is never a crime you want to attempt to handle on your own.  The assistance of a skilled felony attorney to evaluate your case and advocate for the best outcome, whether through a plea deal or trial, is always a good investment.

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