North Carolina Criminal Defense

North Carolina criminal defense is the practice of protecting a Defendant’s Constitutional rights as they navigate the confusing world of the criminal justice system.  When facing a North Carolina criminal charge, the need for experienced Raleigh Criminal Attorneys or Durham Criminal Attorneys who will fight for your rights is a must.

Though some criminal defendants attempt to handle their case on their own, this is normally not advised.  Understand that North Carolina Criminal Law under the North Carolina Criminal Court System is very complicated and the State considers many different facets when handling your case.  Even though you are permitted to represent yourself and discuss your case with the District Attorney, you very well could be jeopardizing your case by doing so.  The District Attorney is not there to assist you, they are not your advocate, in fact, they are the State’s advocate.  This means their job is to serve as opposing counsel to you and your interests.  As such, they are not permitted to advise you as to whether you are potentially incriminating yourself, or that the deal they may offer is not the best one you could receive.  Additionally, they will not explain to you the consequences of your actions.

The State has at it’s disposal, District Attorneys, Legal Assistants, Paralegals, law enforcement agencies, and investigators that are all working against your interest.  You should have your own Raleigh Criminal Defense Attorney to ensure your rights are protected.  Contact North Carolina Criminal Defense Lawyer M. Moseley Matheson at 919-335-5291 today for your FREE CONSULTATION.



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