I Missed My Court Date…Now What?

“What happens if I miss my court date?” 

We get this question all the time. It is part of our practice at Matheson & Associates to communicate regularly with our clients and alert them whether their attendance is required at their court setting. This requirement varies depending on the nature of charge, specifics of the case, and posted courtroom. It is also true that the assigned room can change from one day to another. The logistics behind those changes are unknown to us, and this is why we constantly watch the court schedule and keep our clients updated on their dates.

Always be mindful to attend your court setting if your appearance is required. Your absence even with your attorney present is the perfect recipe for you to be called and failed, and an arrest order to be issuedMost legal representations are terminated there, and you will end up having to pay more money to your attorney to handle the Failure to Appear (FTA). The violation of the rule is too risky to be played with.

We had a recent FTA case that, thanks to attorney Matheson’s skills, had a happy ending. The charge was Assault on Female (AOF) and because the nature of the charge, the defendant’s presence is required during all settings unless otherwise informed.  Despite having confirmed the court setting out client did not show up, and was called and failed. Later that day, Attorney Matheson spoke with him, and after learning the reason why he didn’t come to Court, we prepared a Motion to Strike the arrest order. And guess what? The motion was granted, and the case set back on.

As much as we pride ourselves to share Attorney Matheson’s accomplishments, especially striking an arrest order due to an FTA, I want to keep encouraging our clients to attend their hearing when needed. The outcome was a rare occurrence and may not happen again.

Always remember to continually check your court date on the North Carolina Court System’s website: You’ll be able to find your court date and the room it’s in.

If you have missed your court date and are in need of legal representation to handle it, please give our office a call at 919-335-5291.

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