When facing North Carolina DWI Charges, it can be hard to understand exactly how serious the offense is.  Sometimes the difference between various charges is can be a slightly more serious sentence, others is the difference between a North Carolina Felony and a North Carolina Misdemeanor.  Below is a brief explanation of the various charges that can come from a North Carolina Drug Charge including the various North Carolina Drug Sentence levels that you could face.

Schedule I

Class I Felony – This is for the most dangerous drugs with the highest risk of dependency, including Heroine, Ecstasy and LSD.

Schedule II

Class 1 Misdemeanor – These also are considered dangerous, but not as serious as Schedule I, and include: Methadone, Methamphetamines, Cocaine and opium.

Schedule III

Class 1 Misdemeanor – Not as serious as Schedule II and can include drugs like: Ketamine, testosterone, depressants and steroids.

Schedule IV

Class 1 Misdemeanor – These drugs carry with them a slight risk of dependency and include: Xanax, tranquilizers, sedatives and vallium.

Schedule V

Class 2 Misdemeanor – These have a very low risk of dependency and can include drugs like Tylenol with Codeine.

Schedule VI

Class 3 Misdemeanor – The lowest and least risky drugs fall under this schedule and include Marijuana.

Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

Class 1 Misdemeanor – This can be a more serious charge then the drugs for which the paraphernalia was intended for (like marijuana).  This law is broadly used and can include: baggies, scales, pipes, bongs, bowls, grinder, etc.

Possession with Intent to Manufacture, Sell and/or Deliver

Ranges from Class C Felony to Class I Felony – The seriousness of this offense depends on several factors, but most importantly what schedule of drug was involved.  This charge is determined by several factors, including: the condition of the drug, how the drug is packaged, what paraphernalia was involved and the quantity of the drug.

Maintaining a Store, Shop, Vehicle, House,…for use of a Controlled Substance

Class 1 Misdemeanor or Class I Felony – This charge derives from the drug charges being housed in some structure and will normally accompany a drug charges that are the result of the drugs being found manufactured or housed in some structure.  If the drugs were kept ‘knowingly’ then the charge should be a Class 1 Misdemeanor, but if the drugs were kept ‘intentionally’ then the charge will be a Class I Felony.

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