WCJC Court Closure

Court is Cancelled! Now What?

Snow. Raleigh’s (and North Carolina’s) worst enemy!  What could make it worse? Having your court case being heard on a snow day! So, what happens when the Clerk of Courts closes or cancels court?

First, DO NOT SKIP COURT unless it is actually cancelled! You can check the court website to find out if court is cancelled. If court is not closed or cancelled and you do not show up, they will mark you as a “Failure to Appear”. That can cause a whole lot of problems. (Check out our blog on what happens when you have an FTA.)

If court is cancelled and your case is to be heard that day, you can stay home. The Clerk of Court will automatically assign you a new court date, and they will generally notify you via regular mail. Keep in mind that if you have moved, or the address you gave them isn’t where you live anymore, you may not receive that notification. You can check the court calendar for your updated court date. Your court date is typically updated with 24-48 hours. Just remember that it is YOUR job to find out when your new court date is! You also need to make sure that anything that was required of you for that cancelled court date is still completed or obtained.

If you hired an attorney, they should check in with you to let you know when your new court date is. Matheson & Associates will contact you via phone, email, or through your client portal to let you know of the new court date as well as if you are required to be there.

As always, if you have any questions, always reach out to your attorney. If you are in need of an attorney to cover your new court date, call our office 919-335-5291 and Matheson & Associates would be happy to assist you.

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