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North Carolina Driving Law | Driving Restrictions Explained

In the world of Raleigh DWI Defense the span of consequences is long and exhausting. Many realize that being convicted of a Raleigh DWI Charge will result in loss of license, an increase in insurance premiums and plenty of costs and fines. Some even know that there are consequences with even being CHARGED with a […]

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Raleigh Criminal Defense Practice | What is Right, Isn’t Necessarily What is Legal

In my experience with North Carolina Criminal Defense I have the opportunity to meet with people from all walks of life and see cases that range from common to the very strange. One of the experiences I deal with often is trying to explain to someone how it is their conduct was considered to be […]

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North Carolina DWI Law | Picking the Right DUI Lawyer

So, today in the world of this Raleigh DWI Attorney I witnessed something that had my interest. I watched as an attorney plead out a dwi charge for their client who had a prior DWI charge. Now, fortunately, for this North Carolina DUI Charge, the Defendant’s Prior NC DUI Conviction was more then 7 years […]

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North Carolina DWI | Crazy DWI News Out of Florida

Though this didn’t take place in North Carolina, and therefore does not involve a North Carolina DWI Charge, I find the following article ‘blog-worthy.’ The following article: DWI/DUI – involves grandparents in Florida who decided, after knocking back a few, to tow their 7 year old behind their SUV, up and down an access road, […]

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North Carolina Criminal Law | Understanding the Importance of YOUR Court Date

Back again to posting about my experience as a Raleigh DWI Lawyer and Raleigh Criminal Attorney. Today I found myself in a familiar, if not uncomfortable position. I was in court this A.M. for a court-appointed client. I waited one and a half hours for him to arrive, which he never did.

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