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Raleigh DWI Defense Lawyer | Handling a ‘Blood Case’

So today’s Raleigh DWI Attorney blog is going to deal with what happens when an individual facing a North Carolina DWI Charge either refuses to blow in the Intoxilzyer or are unable to and the State elects to draw the Defendant’s blood to test for their blood/alcohol concentration. Commonly referred to as a ‘blood case’ […]

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Raleigh DUI Defense | Understanding How Checkpoints Operate

So, today’s Raleigh DWI Attorney Blog will discuss some aspects of the checkpoint and in what ways can they be challenged. Many people understand that, unfortunately, the Police have the ability to set up checkpoints. What many do not realize is the limited scope for which they can setup the checkpoint. As a Raleigh DUI […]

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Raleigh DUI Lawyer | Why YOUR CASE is an Important Distinction

So, today’s Raleigh DWI Attorney Blog focuses on some of the fun questions I get as one of the Raleigh DWI Defense Lawyers in the area. As a practicing attorney, it is common place for people to approach you and ask for my thoughts on their case (or their friend’s case, cousin’s case, etc.). I […]

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North Carolina Criminal Defense Practice | Frustration with Unsavory Marketing Tactics

So, today’s Raleigh DWI Blog is going to have less to do with the practice of defending someone facing a Raleigh Speeding Ticket or any other North Carolina Criminal Charge and more to do with the actual practice of running a criminal defense law firm (though really, this semi-rant can apply to any legal field […]

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North Carolina DWI Law | Understanding the Problems With the Numbers

Recently, I was looking through the news and happened upon a news story addressing drug testing, which applicable to this blog as North Carolina Drug Charges are big part of my law practice. The article in question, which can be read here explains that a common practices is for hospitals to do urinalysis of new […]

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