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Raleigh Criminal Lawyer | Dealing With DNA Evidence Issues

Well, it happened.  The Supreme Court has ruled in the case of Maryland V. King where an individual was arrested for an assault charge when his DNA was taken from a swab of his mouth and was used to convict him of an unresolved rape case.  While convicting a rapist is certainly good for the […]

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Raleigh DWI Lawyers | Checkpoint Information

Well, it’s been a while since I posted, but thought it was necessary to get back on here and add some new insight to the world of serving as a Raleigh DWI Attorney. Recently, there’s been an increase in police activities on the roads of Wake County. Mainly, I have seen more and more Wake […]

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Wake County Traffic Lawyer | Move Over Requirements

So, to little fan fare and publicity, the North Carolina Traffic Law regarding the requirement to move over for emergency vehicles has recently changed. What requirements drivers face when approaching ’emergency vehicles’ has changed to include new ’emergency personnel’ that most people may not think to give consideration to. As a Raleigh Traffic Lawyer and […]

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Raleigh DWI Defense Lawyer | How Blood Tests Can Fail!

So, I realize it’s been a while since my last blog post to the Raleigh DWI Attorney Blog. September was a hectic month and I really could not find time to breath. In truth, I’m still crazy busy with all of the Raleigh DWI Charges and Raleigh Criminal Charges I’m handling, but a recent article […]

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Wake County Traffic Attorney | Updates on the ‘Red-Light Program’

So, of interest to myself, the remainder of the Raleigh Criminal Defense community, and hopefully the general public is the news that the town of Cary has decided to remove their Red Light Cameras. For those who don’t know, Red Light Cameras are cameras set up at certain intersections which are suppose to document driver’s […]

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