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Trials: A Three Part Series


Superior Court Trials In part two of our trial series, we looked at how district court trials work. This blog will focus on Superior Court trial procedure. If you read our previous blog about district court trials, you’ll know that in Superior Court you have the choice of either a bench trial (when the judge […]

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Trials: A Three Part Series


Part 2: Criminal Trial Procedure in District Court In our previous blog post about the differences between bench and jury trials we went over how they differ. This blog will go over how a trial actually works. Remember, district and superior court have different rules and procedures. Cases in District Court usually do not start […]

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Trials: A Three Part Series


We often get asked, “What happens in trials?” As simple as the question sounds, it’s much more complicated! So, we’ve decided to break down trial for you in a 3 part series! Bench Trial vs. Jury Trial Let’s start with learning about the two different types of trials. Now, you may be asking yourself, “There’s […]

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Hit and Run!

Hit and Run

I hit someone’s vehicle/property and left! Now what? Hit/Run Leave Scene with Property Damage (NCGS 20-166), as it’s called in the legal world, is a common charge these days. Usually when we hear about a hit and run it’s on the news and someone hit a pedestrian. Well in most cases, that’s not the norm. […]

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Misdemeanor Sentencing

Wake County Justice Center

If I am convicted of a class 2 misdemeanor offense, what happens? Before we can get to the nuts and bolts of this question, let’s understand what a misdemeanor offense is and how it’s different from other criminal offenses. Criminal offenses range from traffic infractions to misdemeanor and felony offenses. They each carry a range […]

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