The Price of a Quality DWI Representation


Recently, I was successful in suppressing a DWI client’s arrest, which will lead to the dismissal of the charge, and they manner in which the case went down has me thinking a lot on the work I do and premium I charge for sed work. Now, let me start off by saying, I (hopefully) don’t […]

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Expungement: Should there be more discretion in evaluating eligibility?

Last week we faced a situation where a potential client called our office and wished to hire us to file a petition for expungement, however they weren’t eligible because they were convicted of Felony Breaking and Entering (N.C.G.S. 14-54(A)).  Since the date of conviction, they have maintained a clean criminal record and they have been of […]

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Top 5 FAQ’s for Wake County DWI’s

I lost my license for 30 days following my Wake County DWI charge, but I absolutely have to drive for work. What can I do? If a chemical analyst measured your breath alcohol concentration (BAC) to be a .08 or above, the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles suspends your license for 30 days. You […]

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Costs of a NC Driving While Impaired Charge

So, recently I was having a discussion with a client about the Costs of a NC Driving While Impaired charge costs a driver.  I decided to blog about it so that those that were interested in the overall costs of a DWI, they would have this as a resource.  Although my practice consists of handling […]

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NC DWI Limited Driving Privilege

7 Steps: NC DWI Limited Driving Privilege by Matheson Law Office PLLC| October 27, 2017 In Wake County, North Carolina, you may be eligible to obtain a limited driving privilege both, after 10 days from the date you turned in your license following a DWI charge, and following a 1st Offense DWI conviction.  There are specific […]

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