Words You Cannot Trademark


So client’s always ask us, what are some words you cannot trademark?  Let’s just say you want to trademark “Sunshine State Brewing Company.”  There are a couple of issues with trademarking “Sunshine State Brewing Company.” (1) You cannot register a geographic location on the federal registry (USPTO). (2) You cannot register a generic word or […]

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Domestic Violence: I’m the Defendant, What do I do?

(Domestic Violence from the Defendant’s perspective is premised on the North Carolina General Statutes 50B1- 50B9) In our last article, I discussed the importance of pursuing a domestic violence action against a person if you are the victim, but what happens if you are the defendant? What happens when the complaint does not accurately reflect what […]

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Trademark Incontestability. Trademark Series: Part 2

In Part 1 of our trademark blog series (click here), we discussed the status of trademark incontestability. Trademark Incontestability seems like a sure thing- the registrant has exclusive right to use the registered mark in commerce. But, with all things legal, there are exceptions.   Many people hear the word “incontestable” and think that incontestability […]

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Domestic Violence: Plaintiff’s Role

WCJC Court Closure

(Article premised on the North Carolina General Statutes 50B1- 50B9)              Domestic violence is growing problem that often goes unreported. From the outside looking in, it is easy to ask “why don’t victims of domestic violence contact the authorities,” but as the victim, it is a difficult decision to make. The two issues often considered […]

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