Incompetency and Spousal Support

The duty for the supporting spouse to pay the dependent spouse money after a determination of alimony or post separation support is not something that can be written off by being adjudicated incompetent. If that were permitted, then every single person who has been declared a supporting spouse would just go to the courthouse and […]

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Should I Hire a Public Defender?

A Public Defender is appointed by the court and they are not always “free.” If you plead guilty, no contest, or are later convicted after trial, the court will often order you to pay attorney fees as part of your sentence. So in most cases there is a very good chance you are going to be […]

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Why do I need an Employee Handbook and how do I get one?

First, the “why.” As every business owner knows, or should know, when you take on employees (as opposed to owners) your world changes quite a bit. All the sudden you have to worry about payroll, tax payments, withholding, etc. Additionally, you’re also now covered by a myriad of Federal and State laws that protect employees […]

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