First time offenders in North Carolina


The legal process can be tricky and stressful for first time misdemeanor offenders in North Carolina Some of the most common charges we encounter in our Raleigh criminal law practice involve drug and alcohol related offenses.  This can be a very scary and stressful time for for time offenders and especially when they her the […]

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Ignition Interlock

Ignition Interlock is required by NC Law for drivers convicted of DWI type offenses with a 0.15 or higher BAC or with a prior DWI type conviction to only ignition interlock equipped vehicles.  In order to obtain driving privileges in the event of a DWI conviction, proof of installation may be required.  Ignition Interlock is […]

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Driver’s License Points In North Carolina (High and Low Level Traffic Offenses)

Traffic offenses in North Carolina will, in most cases, amount to Driver’s License Points and insurance points.  Focusing particularly on the license and insurance point system (excluding commercial vehicle), you will see that more serious traffic offenses will obviously carry more impact to both point systems than the lesser offenses.  In order to explain NC […]

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What are my chances of getting my DWI dismissed?

Chances of getting your DWI dismissed in North Carolina are very slim.  However, there are are several circumstances that could potentially amount to a dismissal of your charge for DWI, but the most common instance is when a Police Officer lacks probable cause in order to arrest you for driving while impaired.  In the State of […]

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What is alienation of affection?

ALIENATION OF AFFECTION is one of the most difficult discussions to have, is with a Client who has recently discovered the pain and betrayal that comes with adultery. There is nothing like discovering with certainty that your spouse has had or is having an affair. There is no legal remedy that can take away the […]

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