New Laws Concerning Massage Parlors

Matheson Wake Court

One of the may changes that came through last year from our legislation was S.L. 2017-151.  This law was written to address the abhorrent acts of human trafficking as it relates to “massage parlors.”  There have been some recent cases of individuals being arrested for running massage parlors that are, in fact, locations where sex […]

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The Price of a Quality DWI Representation


Recently, I was successful in suppressing a DWI client’s arrest, which will lead to the dismissal of the charge, and they manner in which the case went down has me thinking a lot on the work I do and premium I charge for sed work. Now, let me start off by saying, I (hopefully) don’t […]

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Expungement: Should there be more discretion in evaluating eligibility?

Last week we faced a situation where a potential client called our office and wished to hire us to file a petition for expungement, however they weren’t eligible because they were convicted of Felony Breaking and Entering (N.C.G.S. 14-54(A)).  Since the date of conviction, they have maintained a clean criminal record and they have been of […]

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Top 5 FAQ’s for Wake County DWI’s

I lost my license for 30 days following my Wake County DWI charge, but I absolutely have to drive for work. What can I do? If a chemical analyst measured your breath alcohol concentration (BAC) to be a .08 or above, the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles suspends your license for 30 days. You […]

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Costs of a NC Driving While Impaired Charge

So, recently I was having a discussion with a client about the Costs of a NC Driving While Impaired charge costs a driver.  I decided to blog about it so that those that were interested in the overall costs of a DWI, they would have this as a resource.  Although my practice consists of handling […]

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