Words You Cannot Trademark


So client’s always ask us, what are some words you cannot trademark?  Let’s just say you want to trademark “Sunshine State Brewing Company.”  There are a couple of issues with trademarking “Sunshine State Brewing Company.” (1) You cannot register a geographic location on the federal registry (USPTO). (2) You cannot register a generic word or […]

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Domestic Violence: I’m the Defendant, What do I do?

(Domestic Violence from the Defendant’s perspective is premised on the North Carolina General Statutes 50B1- 50B9) In our last article, I discussed the importance of pursuing a domestic violence action against a person if you are the victim, but what happens if you are the defendant? What happens when the complaint does not accurately reflect what […]

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Trademark Incontestability. Trademark Series: Part 2

In Part 1 of our trademark blog series (click here), we discussed the status of trademark incontestability. Trademark Incontestability seems like a sure thing- the registrant has exclusive right to use the registered mark in commerce. But, with all things legal, there are exceptions.   Many people hear the word “incontestable” and think that incontestability […]

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