Business Legal Services

Starting a business? Running a business? Need to sue a business? Are you being sued?

Business legal issues are a completely different body of law than most laws dealing with individuals. However, businesses can be thought of like people: they have bylaws instead of bones, money instead of blood, and people instead of muscles.

And each part of the business body has distinct legal needs and requires specialized attention. You don’t go to a foot surgeon if your shoulder hurts. You don’t go to a liver doctor with a broken bone. You need legal expertise that’s tailored to the needs of the business, and even to specific parts of the business.

Because, just like people working too hard, straining, or even just growing, businesses can develop weak muscles, torn tendons, and broken bones.

  • Are your personal assets safe from business debt collectors? Are you sure?
  • Have you completed everything the state requires for company registration? Are you sure?
  • Is this contract you signed enforceable? Are you sure?
  • Does your business violate any local ordinance, law or statute?

Whether large or small, your business will have many legal questions. We can help. We have experience with all phases of the business lifecycle, from formation to funding to operation to mergers and acquisitions. Let us help you make sure your business “body” is in tip-top shape. Our law office can help with any of these business legal services:

  • Matheson & Associates employs a skilled set of attorneys and support staff to ensure our clients zealous and determined representation. Whether you are facing a DWI or other criminal charges, need help forming a business, or just need someone representing your interests in a personal injury claim, Matheson & Associates is prepared and eager to be your advocate. We have experience representing hundreds of clients and we are dedicated to total client satisfaction. Call us today for a Consultation and find out why so many trust Matheson & Associates to represent their needs.