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Business Litigation

Business Litigation

Business Litigation

Thinking of a business as a person, with a physical body, business litigation is about defending yourself against others. As a person, if you’re threatened, you try to defend yourself. If you’re a business, taking legal action is one of the few ways open for you to defend yourself and your rights.

Business Litigation can be the serious medical intervention for business “bodies.” When something has gone wrong, when the business has been injured, sometimes you need to resort to litigation to redress the wrong that was done to you. Or maybe someone has accused you of hurting their business.

Either way, you need a trusted advocate that can help heal the wound or stave off the infection and stand up for you and your business. Sometimes tough business decisions have to be made to “right a wrong.” Taking the appropriate steps, as soon as possible, can ultimately mitigate your losses and save your business money.

Also, unlike a natural person, for a registered business, like an LLC or a corporation, you can’t do this yourself.

Only a licensed attorney can represent an LLC or a corporation in Court.

Let us help you make those decisions and advocate for you in Court:

  • Non-disclosure and Non-compete Agreements
  • Defense of Liability Claims
  • Trademark Infringement
  • Money Owed and Collections
  • Third-party Liability
  • Employee/Employment Issues
  • Zoning, Inspection, Land Use and State/Local
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