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Business Formation

Business Formation

Formation of a Business

Corporations or LLCs are formed to protect the owners from jeopardizing their personal assets – like your home! And, forming a company is a lot like giving birth. You’re creating a new entity – a new person – to act on your behalf and be the business. And just like birth, there are several stages in the process and there are lots of opportunities for things to go wrong.

For example, just because you’ve filed some paperwork at the Secretary of State, doesn’t mean that you’re “good-to-go.” That would be like saying, just because you’ve got a birth certificate, the baby is perfectly healthy. That’s not the way it works. The certificate is an indicator that things are ok, but not the proof that everything was done right.

  • Have you completed all your corporate paperwork? Are you sure?
  • Have you gotten all the licenses you need to operate your business?
  • Do you know what you need to do every year to ensure you’re protected?

Forming your business and properly developing your business structure is critical to your future success. Without the proper foundation, you may well find yourself on unsteady footing when your business faces legal issues/challenges.

We can help you design a business structure that supports your long-term goals and sets you up for success now and in the future. Whether you’re looking at an LLC, an S-Corp, or a Partnership, we can help guide you through the selection process and “build” your company’s foundation to support the activity you want from your business.

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We can also assist you with:
  • NC Business formation and filing requirements
  • Contracts, negotiations, and collections
  • North Carolina Employer / employee issues
  • Liability and insurance questions
  • Risk mitigation
  • Property and financial transactions

Above are just some of the areas that small businesses in North Carolina often need help with.
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