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M. Moseley Matheson – Why You Should Consider Hiring Private Counsel To Represent Your Case

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Ignition Interlock


Ignition Interlock is required by NC Law for drivers convicted of DWI type offenses with a 0.15 or higher BAC or with a prior DWI type conviction to only ignition interlock equipped vehicles.  In order to obtain driving privileges in the event of a DWI conviction, proof of installation may be required.  Ignition Interlock is […]

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Driving While Impaired – Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need an attorney? Most likely, yes.  Though you have the right to represent yourself in court, a DWI charge is very complicated and building a defense requires a solid understanding of what requirements the State must meet in order to introduce the evidence they have against you. Will a conviction of Driving While […]

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Should you hire a lawyer for your traffic ticket?


Should I just pay off my traffic ticket? Can my ticket get reduced? Will this affect my insurance costs? In a law practice that handles Wake County traffic tickets on a daily basis, these are the top three questions we hear from potential clients. And the answer is very simple: it depends! With traffic violations […]

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What happens when your vehicle is seized because of a DWI in Wake County?


Recently, we have received an influx in calls from potential clients relating to Driving While Impaired offenses with a prior DWI conviction already on their record. More specifically, however, their main concern was getting their vehicle back after it has been seized by law enforcement. It’s important for the public’s concern and for any criminal […]

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