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4 Essential Elements for Management and Organization in Your Business Operational Plan

4 Elements to include in your Business Operational Plan: Management and organization Who is going to manage the business? Include professional and advisory support positions, such as board of directors, attorney, accountant, insurance agent, banker, bookkeeper, mentors, key advisors, etc. How much money will be contributed by each investor What ownership percentage will each investor […]

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Limited Liability Company (LLC) laws regarding formation

  Now that you have decided on a name for your NC Limited Liability Company (LLC), you need to file the appropriate paperwork with the NC Secretary of State to become legal.   Part 2 To read Part 1, click here   *If you are a foreign limited liability company that wants to conduct business […]

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Words You Cannot Trademark


So client’s always ask us, what are some words you cannot trademark?  Let’s just say you want to trademark “Sunshine State Brewing Company.”  There are a couple of issues with trademarking “Sunshine State Brewing Company.” (1) You cannot register a geographic location on the federal registry (USPTO). (2) You cannot register a generic word or […]

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Trademark Incontestability. Trademark Series: Part 2

In Part 1 of our trademark blog series (click here), we discussed the status of trademark incontestability. Trademark Incontestability seems like a sure thing- the registrant has exclusive right to use the registered mark in commerce. But, with all things legal, there are exceptions.   Many people hear the word “incontestable” and think that incontestability […]

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Trademark Series Part 3: State Registration

In addition to the federal registry (The United States Patent and Trademark Office), you might want to think about your state registration. The USPTO oversees federal registration for trademarks. The USPTO offers national protection for your mark. To register a mark at the state level, you must file an application with your state’s trademark office. […]

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