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Your trademark is finally federally registered. Now what?


Part I: Trademark Incontestability After federally registering your trademark you might think that you’re done dealing with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), but, unfortunately, think again. You still have one more deadline to abide by if you want to permanently strengthen your registered rights. As the proud owner of a federally trademarked […]

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Attorney John Szymankeiwicz Speaking on Entity Selection

Attorney John Szymankeiwicz will be speaking on Entity Selection, Corporate Formation, and Ethics at a CLE on Wine and Vineyard Law ….

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Employee or Independent Contractor?

  In this (brief) post, I won’t go into why you might want to designate someone an “independent contractor” as opposed to an “employee,” but rather what you have to do to make that designation stick. Often, businesses want to avoid generating an employer-employee relationship and would prefer to have an Independent Contractor perform certain […]

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Unpaid Interns – It’s a Buyer’s Market, Right?

Many growing companies and businesses want an intern. Especially if, by intern, you mean “slave labor.” Unfortunately, this isn’t always a good idea. And, in certain situations, can turn into a nightmare. The Slippery Slope The economy is not that great. It’s better than a few years ago, but that THAT much better. So many […]

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Debtor/Creditor – Collecting on Debts – The Bad

Part 1 of a series focusing on The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Debt Collection. Ok. I was going to write this post later in the week, but I keep seeing so much information and so many “what not to do” examples of debt collection that I feel *someone* is trying to tell […]

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