North Carolina Traffic Law | ‘Run and You’re Done” Law Explained

A new North Carolina Traffic Law, the “Run and You’re Done” bill, has been approved and is ready to be fought out in court by Raleigh Traffic Attorneys.  This bill was signed by Governor Perdue June 23, 2011 (the same time as “Laura’s Law”).  This law, which will go into effect December 1, 2011, is meant to deter Felony Speeding to Elude.   The “Run and Your Done” law allows North Carolina police to impound the vehicle of a Defendant convicted of felony speeding to elude. The Defendant’s car or truck will be auctioned off with the proceeds to be given to North Carolina School Systems.
Carrying a similar catchy name as “Booze it and Lose it” and “Click it or Ticket” the “Run or You’re Done” law is meant to serve as notice to the general public.  The idea being that the name, being catch, will stick in the mind of anyone contemplating running from the police in a vehicle.
In 2010 in North Carolina alone, over 2100 people were issued citations for Felony Speeding to Elude.  During that time, many people’s lives were put at risk, and some deaths occurred.  Recently, a Defendant was found guilty of 2nd Degree Murder for the death of a police officer who crashed is cruiser while responding to a chase involving the Defendant.  In addition, many of these cases of Felony Speeding to Elude of involved Defendants exceeding 100 miles per hour.  In fact, just this June a Defendant was cited for going 160 miles per hour while trying to elude North Carolina State Highway Troopers on Highway N.C. 24
Luckily for some, there is an exception in the new law which protects innocent third parties.  If the vehicle the Defendant is driving during the Felony Speeding to Elude belongs to someone else, the owner can regain possession of their vehicle.  But, should that same owner have their vehicle used in a subsequent Felony Speeding to Elude by the Defendant, the vehicle will be taken and sold at auction.

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