North Carolina DWI/DUI | Options Available to You When Stopped

Being stopped and facing a potential North Carolina DWI Charge is a very scary experience.  Even if you only had a couple of drinks, you could still face an arrest and charge of DWI.  The questions and Field Sobriety Tests the officers administer during the stop are all designed to ascertain the level of your impairment, and to gather evidence to be used against you, should you be charged with a North Carolina DWI Violation.  What most people do not realize is, almost all of the process is voluntary; meaning it is up to you whether you answer the questions or perform the tests.  The following will go over what will be asked of you and what options you have available to you in the State of North Carolina.  Though most other states have similar laws and procedures, this information is only applicable to North Carolina DWI Charges.  For information regarding DWI/DUI charges in other states, check with local officials.

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