North Carolina Felonies | Common Charges

Most North Carolina Felonies can be divided into three common types: property crimes, drug crimes, and assault crimes.

North Carolina Felony Property Crimes include obtaining property by false pretenses, larceny (for values greater then $1000), fraud, forgery and embezzlement.  Normally included in sentencing for these crimes is some kind of restitution where the stolen property is returned or paid for.

North Carolina Felony Drug Crimes include possession with the intent to sell or deliver, maintaining a dwelling or car for the purpose of possession or delivery of drugs, possession of cocaine or methamphetamine, and drug trafficking.

North Carolina Felony Assault Crimes include assault with the intent to kill, assault with a deadly weapon, robbery assault on a female (depending on the severity of the victims injuries and/or the defendant’s prior criminal record), sexual assaults, and homicide crimes.

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