Public Defenders vs. Private Attorneys

If you have a DWI charge, you’re probably making numerous important decisions. One of the choices you’ll probably make is whether you should get a public defender or hire a private attorney. In most cases, you should strongly consider hiring a private attorney; this isn’t because they’re necessarily better, but public defenders usually have too […]

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Brewing after the TTB: Post Registration Maintenance

  Just when you thought you were done with the TTB . . . .   It is extremely important to keep the TTB informed about any major changes to your brewery, winery, or distillery. Anytime you have a “significant change” you need to update your Brewers Notice with a TTB Amendment.   A “significant […]

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Words You Cannot Trademark


So client’s always ask us, what are some words you cannot trademark?  Let’s just say you want to trademark “Sunshine State Brewing Company.”  There are a couple of issues with trademarking “Sunshine State Brewing Company.” (1) You cannot register a geographic location on the federal registry (USPTO). (2) You cannot register a generic word or […]

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