North Carolina DWI/Traffic Stops | Your Right to Refuse

I believe I have cased over this topic in previous blogs, but this is of such importance, I feel I need to go over it once more (and probably will periodically in hopes of it helping potential DWI Defendant’s). For those faced with a North Carolina DWI Stop, and specifically a Raleigh DWI Stop many […]

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Traffic Ticket Points: What means more when?

So, in North Carolina, whether you know it or not, we have TWO different sets of point systems. The first system everyone is familiar with: Driver’ License points. This ins the one where speeding tickets counts as so many points depending on your speed, where it was, etc. Then, if you get too many points […]

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North Carolina Criminal Law | Why Court Can Take So Long!

This morning, I was sitting in Raleigh District Court on a small matter for one of my clients. As a Raleigh DWI Lawyer and a Raleigh Criminal Attorney this is something I do often, whether for a Raleigh DWI Ticket or a North Carolina Criminal Citation. As I was waiting for my turn to address […]

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