North Carolina DWI | Crazy DWI News Out of Florida

Though this didn’t take place in North Carolina, and therefore does not involve a North Carolina DWI Charge, I find the following article ‘blog-worthy.’ The following article: DWI/DUI – involves grandparents in Florida who decided, after knocking back a few, to tow their 7 year old behind their SUV, up and down an access road, […]

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The Death of “The Customer is Always Right?”

I was thinking of titling this post “In Defense of Lawyers,” but I think the above is more appropriate because I think it’s not just lawyers that need defending. So, here’s the thing, I have this client…. And every attorney as a story about a bad/crazy client (some of us have more than one, a […]

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Starting a Business

I gave a presentation yesterday to a group of folks looking to start a horticulture, landscaping, or plant nursery business. It was a great impetus to force me to write this post – that I’ve been meaning to write for a while. So, let’s start with what you need to start and run a successful […]

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