North Carolina Field Sobriety Test | One-Legged Stand

So, this will be an overview of North Carolina DWI Field Sobriety Tests.  The three main Field Sobriety Tests used by police officers  are the One-Legged Stand, the Walk-and-Turn, and the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus test.  Today’s Raleigh DWI Attorney Blog will deal with the One-Legged Stand.  As a Raleigh DWI Attorney or DWI Attorney Raleigh, […]

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North Carolina Criminal Law | NY Times Stop-and-Frisk Article

So, not exactly dealing with what the Raleigh DWI Attorney blog normally deals with, this Raleigh DWI Attorney blog entry is dealing with a police stop called the “Stop-and-Frisk.”  The NY Times Article that peaked my interest can be found here. The Stop-and-Frisk is a means by which an officer can stop

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North Carolina Criminal Law | First Blog Post

I am an attorney in North Carolina who handles Raleigh Criminal Defense and Durham Criminal Defense.  In addition to Criminal Defense, I also am a Raleigh Traffic Attorney, with a special focus on handling Raleigh DWI charges and Durham DWI charges. This blog is to serve as a way to keep my clients, as well […]

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