Raleigh DUI Lawyer | Why YOUR CASE is an Important Distinction

So, today’s Raleigh DWI Attorney Blog focuses on some of the fun questions I get as one of the Raleigh DWI Defense Lawyers in the area. As a practicing attorney, it is common place for people to approach you and ask for my thoughts on their case (or their friend’s case, cousin’s case, etc.). I […]

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North Carolina DWI Law | Understanding the Problems With the Numbers

Recently, I was looking through the news and happened upon a news story addressing drug testing, which applicable to this blog as North Carolina Drug Charges are big part of my law practice. The article in question, which can be read here explains that a common practices is for hospitals to do urinalysis of new […]

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Starting a Business: Inc v LLC

PC, PA, LLC, LLP, Inc, LLLP, huh? There are so many acronyms and they’re thrown around all willy-nilly. What’s an aspiring entrepreneur to do? So, here’s the thing. Each of these denotes a form of business, how a business is structured and who the “owner” is. Each is also relates to two special topics: (1) […]

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